Nostalgia For What Never Was

Steampunk has been described as “nostalgia for what never was”. Picture, if you will, the Victorian era continued.  Instead of electricity cogs and clockwork rules.  Rather well actually as space flight is pretty common and somewhat unregulated – Space Fighter Pilots are required to deal with the pirates around Mars.  More than anything though Steampunk is friendly.  About the only thing you can do wrong is call an outfit a costume – a costume suggests play whereas embracing Victorian values (the good ones!) are seen as a way of life.

At the weekend I visited The Asylum; an event where upper Lincoln is taken over by Steampunkers.  A lot of it was open to the public and it certainly made the picturesque Castle and Cathedral area more colourful. People were without fail incredibly friendly and willing to answer questions and pose for photos. 

I think next year I might even go in costume an outfit!



Two incredible costumes – the gentleman’s clockwork magnifying glasses rotate automatically


A clockwork motorbike


Space pirates!


Photographer Jon, who is in his Royal Dragon Corps uniform, was raising money for Refuge with naughty photos!


I love this lady’s outfit


Hazel made her parasol and takes commisions


Tom and friend in front of Lincoln Castle

If you get a chance to go to a Steampunk meeting I thoroughly recommend it – colourful and friendly.  You may end up a convert!


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