I was recently lucky enough to win a £100 voucher from DotComGiftShop.  I’ve got no intention of turning this into an advertorial (or one of those smug “look what I won this month” posts) but as it’s a shop I’ve been using for a few years I figured I’d share a few of the stand out items.

Legal bit first: I wasn’t paid to produce this post. I won a comp, that prize was not conditional on writing 100 words on similar.  I do not blog for food or prizes. Although if people want to send me anything to test the theory then feel free!

Ok, so as I say I won £100.  I added about £10  and ended up with a massive 47 items!  I will not be writing about them all, that would be silly.  And in case you’re wondering, if you spend over £50 you get free postage. Which I sort of did, if you ignore that £100 of it they paid for….


Weekend bag
First and foremost I got this bag.  I love it!  The sixties design is very now (if that makes sense) and with those colours they clash with everything.  Which in my mind means it goes with anything!  It’s pretty big, you’d have no problem getting ring binders in there. It’s not massively deep though so for me it’s not ideal as a weekend bag (although a kid would love it) but as a large handbag, which I firmly believe a girl can never have too many of, it’s perfect.


Shopper bags
Speaking of bags, DotComGiftShop usually have some of their shopper bags going at £1.  They really are fantastic value.  They are lovely and strong and as well as being great for shopping I find them really useful for storage.  I have all sorts in them.  Perfect!


Nail Books
I got a whole load of these nail books to use as stocking fillers, they come in several different designs.  Similar to old style match books these pretty little books six removable files which appear to do a pretty job good.  Not much more that I can say other than they are well worth having in your giant handbag!

DoComGiftShop have made an art out of lunch.  They have bento boxes, crockery and a wide range of samdwich bags.  It’s just a case of picking what you want.

I can’t give too much away with the next couple as they are planned as Christmas pressies but have a look at  both mugs and the teatowels.  They are really good quality and with a wide range of designs there is something for most people.

The designs really are DotComGiftShop’s strength.  They change periodically and there are a whole load that appeal to me.  There’s also a load that I really dislike – always a good sign of a wide range!  I would imagine there is something for most people and as the quality is always good I’d strongly suggest having a look.  As you can see the prices are fantastic. And it’s always worth having a look at the sales items – there are bargains to be had!


A few bits to look out for:

Notebooks- a really good range in lots of sizes.
Cards – good range of designs at a good price
Ceramics- there are a couple of stunningly beautiful designs
Bags – bags bags and more bags!  They have handbags and satchels, shopping bags, wash bags and new designs always coming in.
Stocking fillers- this is my favourite place for stocking fillers as there is such a range of  random.  I would imagine useful for kids party packs too although not my area of expertise!

Many thanks to DotComGiftShop for the prize and the use of the images, all of which they own.  Now go trawl their website!



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